Working groups

Our Mission

We are a versatile working group providing a range of services to enhance and facilitate community life. Our strengths lie in efficiently utilizing internet networks and laundry systems to offer residents the latest technology and optimize laundry processes. We also offer general support for all technical needs. Moreover, we provide a laundry service to save residents time and make doing laundry hassle-free. Through our tool rental service, we make it easier for residents to borrow the necessary tools for various tasks, promoting sustainable and efficient usage. Our Gardening Working Group ensures the beauty and maintenance of our surroundings through general gardening. This contributes to keeping our area attractive and pleasant. Lastly, we make a valuable contribution by assisting newcomers with moving and settling in, ensuring a smooth start in our community. Our community-oriented approach and diverse services make us unique and highly valuable to our residents.

Social Engagement

We are a diverse working group that, through our diligent members, enhances community life. Our goal is to support residents, whether it’s with technical questions or everyday activities like laundry, tool borrowing, and gardening. We warmly welcome newcomers and strive for a beautiful and well-maintained community environment.


We handle general IT issues and promote an efficient, connected community.


The Laundry Working Group offers a convenient laundry service that saves residents time and effort.


The Gardening Group tends to our surroundings for a beautiful, green, and well-maintained area.


The Tool Working Group provides tool rental for various practical tasks within the community


The Moving Working Group assists new residents with moving in and settling down to ease their transition.

External AG

Learn about the communities and activities taking place in the towers near us

What drives us here

We engage in the working group to actively contribute to the improvement of the community. Through our diverse services and support, we aim to ease the daily lives of residents and encourage a pleasant coexistence.

Advantages offered

Working in your AG offers the opportunity for personal and professional development. Participants can develop their skills in different areas, be it technology, teamwork, organisational skills or interpersonal skills.

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